Introducing the 
A unique blend of wild harvested flower essences 🌸 that were infused with loving vibrations under the summer solstice sun 🌞 and combined with pure essential oils + crystals.

 Crafted to support your wildly abundant nature.
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The Wild Abundance SOLSTICE blend is a unique, seasonal + LIMITED time blend because it was made with high vibrational flower essences that were hand gathered + vibrationally imprinted during the Summer Solstice. The flower essences have been combined with pure essential oils + supportive crystals, making this the ultimate aura mist for your abundance practice.

The elements:

 ☾ MOON JASMINE essence for self-confidence and beauty.

☾ YARROW essence for healing emotional wounds.

☾ PINK ROSE essence for connecting with our essential nature and boosting self-worth. 

☾ WILD ORANGE essential oil for abundance.

☾ KUMQUAT essential oil for authentic expression.

☾ HERKIMER DIAMOND essence for opening up to channeling abundance and amplifying the vibrational frequency of the other essences.

☾ CITRINE crystal essence for personal empowerment + abundance.

A little extra love:

☾ Each bottle includes two small citrine crystals at the bottom, to boost the abundance vibes of the mixture and to help you to embrace your innate abundance even after you run out of the mist.
Flowers are the highest expression of the life force of a plant 🌸

Flower essences capture the energetic imprint or vibration of a plant + during the flower essence making process, the high vibration and expression is transferred into and held by water (which has also been researched + found to have a consciousness itself and to hold memory).

Flower essences are purely energetic. They do not have fillers and are not the same thing as essential oils. They usually do not have any scent, which is why we combine the forces of flower essences + essential oils together, to bring you #plantmagic

Adding crystals charged with loving + complementary energy to our blends supercharges the vibrational benefits even more.  
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